Expert of the Day Handbook (2004-2018)

Expert of the Day Handbook (2004-2018)



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ISBN: 978-1-7353686-0-3
Published: 7/20/2020
Pages: 1,382

You Asked, We Delivered! The National Fire Sprinkler Association is proud to present our EOD Handbook. 

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Who Needs the EOD Handbook? 

The NFSA’s EOD Handbook is a great resource for fire sprinkler contractors, layout technicians, engineers, authorities having jurisdiction, inspectors, and students.  

Whether you use NFPA 13, NFPA 14, NFPA 20, NFPA 25, and the International Fire Code (IFC) daily or during a plan review, the EOD Handbook is a valuable resource that taps the extensive knowledge of the NFSA experts.   

What is the EOD Handbook? 

The EOD Handbook is a hardcover, bound, two-volume set of over 1,300 pages covering nearly 2,000 questions on over 585 topics that are relevant to automatic fire sprinkler systems, standpipes, water supplies, inspection, testing and maintenance, codes, and standards. The questions were asked by NFSA members from 2004-2018 and answered by NFSA’s subject matter experts through the Expert of the Day (EOD) program and published in a members-only monthly publication called TechNotes.  

The questions and answers in this latest NFSA publication covers every installation standard such as NFPA 13, NFPA 13R, NFPA 13D, NFPA 20, inspection, testing, and maintenance standards such as NFPA 25, fire pumps and water supplies in NFPA 20 and NFPA 24, model fire, building, and life safety codes such as the International Building Code (IBC) and NFPA 101, and many more.  

NFSA subject matter experts represent a broad range of fire sprinkler knowledge and representation in the industry. The NFSA employs professional engineers, NICET certified in water-based layout technicians, NICET certified in inspection and testing, master code professionals and certified building officials experienced in fire sprinkler systems.   

Why use the EOD Handbook?  

The codes and standards on fire sprinkler design and installation are numerous. Every user, experienced or novice, has questions that no minimum code or standard could ever address. This handbook publishes detailed answers to almost 2,000 questions that have been used in the field, on drawing boards, in CAD programs, on plan reviews and during field inspections.