Manual Hydraulic Calculations

Manual Hydraulic Calculations

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Hydraulic calculations determine the most important aspect of the fire protection system being designed; will the system, as designed and given the available water supply, be able to provide enough water at the required density to successfully control or suppress a fire. Today, most of us use computer-based software programs to aid us in performing these calculations. These capable and powerful programs streamline the hydraulic calculation process by taking our input information and running the calculations for us. As long as the correct information is inputted into the program, an accurate calculation can be produced in a fraction of the time of a manual or “old fashioned” hydraulic calculation. The advent of these calculation programs has been an enormous benefit to the layout technician, but if the technician does not understand the formulas and procedures behind the calculation process, an important skill set can be lost. The knowledge gained by understanding and practicing the manual hydraulic calculation methods will reinforce the basic concepts of hydraulics and the interdependency of the various aspects of the layout. This understanding of the concepts of hydraulic calculations will help the technician to develop the “feel” for the fire sprinkler system that cannot be learned through merely inputting data into a computer

Ref: NFPA 13 (2019)
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