Expert of the Day Handbook Index (2004-2020)

Expert of the Day Handbook Index (2004-2020)



Published: 7/22/2020
Pages: 106


The nearly 2,200 questions found in these two volumes were real questions submitted by the National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) membership from 2004 through 2020, with real answers from NFSA’s Expert of the Day (EOD) program, then later selected, highlighted, and published in NFSA’s “Best of EOD” monthly TechNotes publication. The informal interpretations provided in this handbook are responses by individual NFSA subject matter experts facing real challenges in real applications in the fire sprinkler industry.

While the industry has and continues to change rapidly, many key concepts remain the same. This handbook is intended to provide help navigating the gray areas of design, inspection, testing and maintenance in the fire sprinkler arena. Each subject area is grouped with like questions and each question is provided as a header with a sub header indicating the date and order number of the TechNotes publication. The latter portion of the sub header indicates the codes or standards which applied at the time of the answer to help give historical context.

Use this Index as a starting point in seeking an answer are perhaps the best ways to navigate this fourteen-year run of technical questions. This is the downloadable version of the handbook digital index so that you can quickly search locations for content in these volumes electronically. Visit: for more info

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