Layout Technician Blended Learning - Online

Layout Technician Blended Learning - Online

Online Training

Layout Technician Blended Learning - Online

Seminar Description: This blended learning format course combines self-paced on-line modules, mentored guidance and an in-class practicum component designed to take a person with basic knowledge of math, physical science and drafting skills and teach them to be productive basic sprinkler layout and detailing technicians. Both the self-paced online class and the practicum component are required for the successful completion of the program.  Through the completion of the full blended learning program, online and practicum, all of the skills which are necessary for NICET Level II Certification will be covered. Students during the online phase will read, complete online interactive lessons and watch videos from leading experts in the fire sprinkler field. Throughout the online phase, students will complete assessments and activities that will reinforce the lessons taught. Student will be required to master each unit before moving on to the next.


Course Materials

Each student will receive a set of Layout Technician Training course materials by mail including the NFSA textbook, Layout, Detail and Calculation of Sprinkler Systems, a copy of NFPA 13 2016, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems and a calculator.


Online Course Schedule

This blended class is divided into two distinct phases: online and practicum. The online phase consists of six learning units that total approximately 40+ hours in length. During this time, the student is required to complete a substantial amount of self-paced work through viewing presentations and completing learning activities. Each of these units have been designed to build on each other.  

The Layout Technician Training - Blended Learning Online portion is a prerequisite for the practicum portion.  Practicum dates and location can be found listed under Events.  It is highly recommended that the Practicum be taken within three months but no more than six months of completion of the online portion.  Please note: there is a separate registration fee for the online portion and for the Pracitum.  


On Line Component Duration: 40 + hours

In-Class Component Duration: 40 hours