Fire Sprinkler Discharge Installation and Bracing Rules (2020 NFSA Virtual Fire Sprinkler Expo)

Fire Sprinkler Discharge Installation and Bracing Rules (2020 NFSA Virtual Fire Sprinkler Expo)

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2020 NFSA Virtual Fire Sprinkler Expo

As commodities, combustible environments, and earthquake bracing change, so do the products that provide compliance with fire sprinkler discharge, installation, and bracing rules. Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company, a US-based fire sprinkler manufacturer, addresses the changes to Factory Mutual Data Sheet 8-9 for multiple-row rack storage systems. Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI), another US-based fire sprinkler manufacturer, provides several new product solutions to address changes to storage, combustible concealed space, and freezing environments. Anvil International, a NFSA member, details new and improved products that meet the latest test loads required by ANSI/UL 203A

Learning objectives:

  1. Discuss the past and current methods of protecting areas with multiple-row racks using FM Data Sheet 8-9.
  2. Understand the requirements in the codes and standards.
  3. Apply new products for fire sprinkler contractors, owners, and code officials for changing storage, combustible space, and freezing environments.
  4. Discuss the past and current methods of seismic bracing of fire sprinkler systems.

Cary Webber (Director Technical Services, Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company) “Protecting Multiple Row Racks Based on NFPA 13 and FM Data Sheet 8-9 Updates”

Devin O’Leary (Manager Technical Training, Johnson Controls) “JCI New Products for New Code Changes”

Greg Shaughnessy (Hanger Marketing Manager Anvil International) “Anvil AF700 and AF730 Seismic Bracing Attachments and the new ANSI UL 203A Test Loads

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